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Join us for a four-part series featuring thought leaders reporting from the front lines of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia touch hundreds of millions of lives, from the people living with the condition and their loved ones to professional caregivers and healthcare teams. Dementia360 provides a comprehensive perspective on research, caregiver support, prevention, and more.

Who should attend?

If you’re impacted by dementia, this series is for you. Whether you’re a caregiver, healthcare professional, or loved one of someone with dementia, you’ll learn about the latest research and best practices for support.

This ongoing virtual series takes place

September 21st - October 1st, 2021

Dementia360 Speakers

Dr. Shadi Gholizadeh PhD, MPH
Director of Memory Care,
Home Care Assistance
Beth Popolizio PT, DPT
Training and Development Specialist,
Home Care Assistance
Dr. Howard Fillit
Alzheimer’s Drug
Discovery Foundation
Dr. Yuko Hara
Alzheimer’s Drug
Discovery Foundation
Dr. William Mobley MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Neurosciences
Initiatives at UCSD
Michelle Wile
Client Care Manager and
Dementia Expert

Schedule of Sessions

Tuesday 9.21 | 12:00 PM PST
Dr. Shadi Gholizadeh PhD, MPH

We’ll be kicking off our speaker series with a talk on self-care for caregivers. We’ll start with basic education on how a caregiver’s health is impacted when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and end with a guided meditation and other tips and techniques for making self-care a priority.

Tuesday 9.21 | 12:45 PM PST
Beth Popolizio PT, DPT

This session will focus on the importance of the approach and the necessary tools to facilitate Activities of Daily Living to engage the client, patient, or resident. Attendees will watch a live demonstration on how to assist an older adult in a few daily activities, whether they have mild, moderate, or advanced stage dementia. Beth will also cover how to effectively involve someone in their own care to maximize independence.

Friday 9.24 | 9:00 AM PST
Dr. Howard Fillit MD

Dr. Fillit’s session will cover the perspectives of the Aduhelm FDA approval and its impact on research, the promise of a diverse drug pipeline for Alzheimer’s disease, and the importance of biomarkers for the future of Alzheimer’s research.

Friday 9.24 | 9:45 AM PST
Dr. Yuko Hara PhD

Dr. Hara will speak about the seven steps to protect your cognitive vitality, as well as, a free evidence-based resource for brain health and evidence for/against food, drinks, and supplements.

Tuesday 9.28 | 12:00 PM PST
Michelle Wile

Michele Wile, Client Care Manager and dementia expert here at Home Care Assistance, will lead us through a series of Mind Fit interactive activities. Studies have shown that you can delay age-related cognitive decline and reduce the risk of neurocognitive disorders by adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors — join us to learn how you can integrate these simple activities into your life.

Friday 10.01 | 11:45 AM PST
Dr. William Mobley MD, PhD

Dr. Mobley will cover the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease, new treatments, and the pilot study by the University of San Diego, which uses online meditations to increase social connectedness and reduce depression and stress.

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